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This Chinese Facial Recognition Surveillance Company Is Now the World’s Most Valuable AI Startup

"[...] if you've ever been photographed with a Chinese-made phone or walked the streets of a Chinese city, chances are your face has been digitally crunched by SenseTime software built into more than 100 million mobile devices."

P3 Dystopia

Artificiell intelligens

"Supersmarta datorer påstås kunna innebära slutet för hela mänskligheten och forskare världen över försöker hitta lösningar för att vi ska överleva. Varför är AI så farlig?"
English translation: "Super smart computers are said to be the end of all mankind and scientists all over the world are trying to find solutions for us to survive. Why is AI so dangerous?"

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Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism

"The term surveillance capitalism is not an arbitrary term. Why surveillance? Because it must be operations that are engineered as undetectable, indecipherable, cloaked in rhetoric that aims to misdirect, obfuscate and just downright bamboozle."

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Du kan inte gömma dig

"Du är övervakad på sätt du inte trodde var möjliga. Vad händer om övervakningsapparaten hamnar i fel händer?"
English translation: "You are monitored in ways you didn't think were possible. What if the monitoring device ends up in the wrong hands?"


Raging robots, hapless humans: the AI dystopia

"The real control problem isn’t managing the coming of transcendent superintelligent creatures. More critically, it has to do with reining in the triumphalist creators who may be developing increasingly “autonomous” AI technologies under the auspices of the misguided definition of intelligence that Russell himself champions."

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Algoritmerna och mätandets tyranni

"Våra liv bedöms och kvantifieras allt mer i och med de digitala spår vi lämnar ifrån oss varje dag. Hur mår vi i ett samhälle där mätandet fått ett egenvärde?"
English translation: "Our lives are being assessed and quantified more and more with the digital tracks we leave every day. How do we feel in a society where measurement has an intrinsic value?"

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Deepfake – när sanningen bryter samman

"Teknologi som gör det möjligt att fabricera varenda detalj av verkligheten och politiker som slutar bry sig om fakta. Är vi påväg mot en värld av informationskaos?"
English translation: "Technology that makes it possible to fabricate every detail of reality and politicians who stop caring about facts. Are we heading for a world of information chaos?"


Facial Recognition In China Is Big Business As Local Governments Boost Surveillance

"We just provide the government the technology, and they do their job with it," Xie says. "Cameras in China are set at 2.8 meters [9 feet] above the ground. That means they won't be able to capture human faces. That's a rule. Chinese citizens know that, so they don't think about it too much."

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